Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Days of Refocus: An All Week Long Updated Post

Realized this weekend that I had begun to lose sight of the woman I had become and found myself slipping back into some old thought patterns.
Decided I needed to take this week and regroup and recover a little.

Day 1: Struggle. Strength. Standards.

Struggling with some self-doubt, concern about some decisions I'm making and what moves to make. My personality makes me easy to give up, quit, let go of things. I need more strength.
One thing I need to definitely hold on to are the standards I had established for myself, my life, my relationships... I know who I am, know my heart and I'm going to really try to hold tight to the ideals I prayed so hard about months ago.

I challenge you to join me the next four days. Monday's gone but you can do four days of refocus. ;)

Just stop and really analyze your life right now. Are you feeling disconnected to God, yourself, disconnected in relationships...? It's definitely time to hit the pause button and pray and think about what's causing that if you are.

Day 2:  Lazy With A Purpose

Purposefully lazy. Intentionally resting, vegging out, letting myself just do what I felt like doing and nothing more. Nothing else to say about that. It is what it is.

Day 3: Organization, Order, Oops

Really starting to have my eyes open to where I made some mistakes that caused me to slip back into some old, bad habits. Trying to sort out all of my thoughts. Go back to square one of brokenness and to that raw place right before I began to rebuild my life. I made some strong decisions and strong goals that I have definitely let slip a little lately. Tonight and tomorrow I'm going to try to figure out how I can back track just enough to get back to where I need to be without causing too much disruption.

Day 4: Broken

Then everything comes to surface and spills out into a beautifully chaotic mess.

Day 5: Hope and Healing

FINALLY reading Woman Thou Art Loosed! by T.D. Jakes and, wow, gaining some insight and comfort I needed a WHILE ago! I'm feeling like I'm beginning to see things correctly again. This is going to be more than a one week/five day journey at this point but I know my God makes beauty from ashes, I know He made some wonderful changes in my life in a short time before so I'm believing for it and ready to take this challenge.


It's crazy to feel this exhausted AND this refreshed at the same time.

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