Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WAHM Wednesday - Yours Truly!

Time for the monthly WAHM Wednesday post and I haven't heard back from the person I'd planned to feature so... ya get ME!

Thrilled, right?

Okay, so I'm not going to all out interview myself, because that seems borderline creepy.

I pretty much HAVE to be a WAHM. I have panic and anxiety problems that prevent me from working outside the home. No fun and I could whine about it and just not even try at all... but... I just have to do what I can and trust God to provide for us!

My WAHM Ventures:

This Blog. - and if you like my blog and would consider helping a sistah out, ask me about advertising!

Handcrafted Jewelery - which I will probably start posting more about soon.

PTC stuff and Swagbucks - hey, a penny earned is a penny earned!

Aaaaand, now I'm hoping to possibly get into Origami Owl. I'm having a jewelry bar online right now and hoping to use it as a launch pad for me to start up. If ya wanna support me in that... SHOP HERE!

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