Friday, January 31, 2014

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

I'm easily distracted and even more easily addicted. No reason to tap dance around it. I'm one of those people that just has an addictive personality. That can be a wonderful thing when I'm in the Word and focused on God's direction for me but on the flip side it can be disastrous when I even start to lose focus.
I know I'm not alone in that.
In this day and age we have so many things going on around us at any given time it's a wonder some of us can even get our shoes on the right feet without being distracted. With that being said, we can often float through hours, days, weeks and then months without realizing how out of focus God has become in our lives.
Colossians 3:2 says to set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth. If you're anything like me and a big chunk of the rest of us, you read that and felt a warm-fuzzy, sent a quick "thank ya Jesus!" up and then the dog barked. The phone rang. The sippy cup needs to be refilled. Facebook notification, "ding!", microwave beeping, your name being called from down the hall... you know how it goes.

Basically, what I'm getting at is this question:

Does life look more like this:

or does it look more like this?:

I'm just being straight-up real in admitting that mine looks less like the second image than the first. At least a lot less like it than it should, in my humble opinion ;) I would imagine some of you are agreeing.

I've got to get my focus back in order.

Psalm 119:36-37 reminds me of what I need to be praying right now. That I would turn my eyes to His statutes, not towards selfish gain. That I would turn my eyes away from worthless things.

I'm gonna drown out the noise and focus on those words for a while and I pray you will be able to, also, if you're in the same boat as me right now.

I'm happy to have shared the link to this post on Fellowship Fridays!

Five Questions Friday 1/31/14

I asked readers and friends to send some questions my way this week that they'd like to see me answer on my blog. I was surprised with the outcome of that. I suppose that I expected 1. more questions, 2. more intense or "strange" questions, or 3. to be completely ignored. Ha!
I did get a few questions (thanks Chelle, Debbie, and my friends on a Christian forum!) and I'm gonna go ahead and answer those below. Feel free to shoot more my way for the next round, probably at the end of the upcoming month (which will be awfully close to my birthday!) by way of the form on my contact page, twitter, facebook or in the comments. :)

1. Who is one of your favorite authors?
I have a hard time pinning down one favorite as I am all over the board with the genres of books I read but I can honestly say I fell in love with Neta Jackson's style of writing and her characters in the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. I have the other series she wrote on my wishlist now.

2. What is one of your favorite Bible verses?
Equally hard to pin down but I can share one that I am clinging to right now. Romans 8:28 (God works all things for His purpose of good for those who love Him and have been called for His purpose!)

3. What are your favorite colors?
Black (slimming! goes with everything!), gray shades and pink/purple shades.

4. What inspired you to blog?
I want to be transparent, authentic, an open book so that maybe, just maybe, someone will identify with something I've gone through or am going through and I can share a little bit of hope or insight with them. I can only type so many characters into a tweet or facebook status and it only makes it around my network of friends usually, so I decided to step it up.

5. What is your dream job and why?
I briefly (very briefly!) wanted to be a teacher when I was little. That quickly gave way to my ultimate dream of being a mommy and wife full-time. I've always wanted to be a homemaker. My mom was a stay-at-home-mom and I always knew she was there waiting for me after school with a hug and a snack. I want the same for my daughter. Aside from that, writing has always been on my heart.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three Things Thursday - Three Books I'm Reading Right Now

Yay! It's time for my first "Three Things" post!
I'm seriously having a blast blogging, y'all. I don't know why I've drug my feet on starting this until now.

Okay, so I'm one of those readers that usually has more than one book going on at a time. Often I have two to four books with bookmarks in them in various places of the house. Sometimes one in the living room, one by my bed, one going on the nook and often something I just cannot put down following me every where I go.
Currently I have one in the living room that I pick up when I'm sitting in there, one by my bed that I'm taking my time going through and taking it bite by bite and one I am starting today and have a feeling it won't leave my hands for long until it's done.

1. The Power of Right Believing, by Joseph Prince came to me by what some might call accident or shipping error but I believe it was something bigger than that. My dad and I had ordered a copy of a David Jeremiah book and the supplier sent this instead. We could have sent it back but just ordered the other book again and kept this one because I just had a feeling it was meant to come.

I'm at the end of chapter one in this one. It's my living room book. Keeping it out there in case someone else wants to pick it up and get some encouragement from it as well. So far, it's good. I'll let you know what I think in a Bookie Boogie review post when I'm done. ;)

2. Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot is one I'm creeping through slowly and carefully. I'm trying to make sure I digest every little piece of wisdom that comes from this one. This book made it's way to me from my Pastor and came with some extra advice and wisdom from him. ;)  

I know, I know, everyone who knows me is all "Huh?" right now because you're thinking, "Um, Sarah... you're divorcing not getting married.". See, the thing is, I've GOT to figure out my own issues. If I carry bricks from the past into the future I'm going to build the same house. I really do want to be married again, to a Godly man this time, to have a partner to grow old and serve the Lord with. This book is helping me identify some issues I have that need to be dealt with right first.

3. Unglued, by Lysa Terkeurst is the one I'm diving into today and have a feeling I won't be putting down until it's done. This was a Christmas present from my mom that she bought from my CBD wishlist. She's kinda cool like that. ;) 

I'm pretty excited about it. 

So there's my list. I'd love to hear about what you're reading right now! Comment!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WAHM Wednesday - Interview with Chelle Wilson

Today I'm interviewing my best friend Chelle about being a work at home mom. In addition to a couple direct sales ventures, she cares for three other children during the school week and is a full time mom to three of her own.

Squarely, Sarah: Chelle, tell us what your favorite thing is about being a WAHM.
Chelle: My favorite thing about working at home is being able to be flexible for my family and my customers. I have no set schedule that complicates things and I can say yes or no at my convenience.   I can spend the time I want with my family while also being able to go to my customers when they need me :) Another great part is if bad weather arrives I can still run my business while being with my family :) (we are currently snowed in, but I have also had sales from friends and customers snowed in).

S, S: Tell us about your business ventures.
Chelle:  I have a few at home businesses that I am involved in and most aren't to necessarily make money but to share things I love with my friends and family and their families and friends. And to receive discounts on those things I would buy anyway. One is a jewelry business. Not just any jewelry though. Living lockets. Origami Owl. They are see through lockets that you can personalize for yourself or anyone. You can also have themed lockets, dreams wishes or goals lockets.  They make great gifts for anyone or something special for yourself. You can be simple or as fancy as you want.  My website will step you through the process of creating a locket by picking out charms, a locket (many different sizes shapes and colors),and a chain (available in many different colors and lengths).  We also have window plates, plates, dangles and tags. There is just too much variety to even explain or imagine so check me out at
We also have seasonal items that are limited, like our new heart chain, heart locket, & heart plate along with Valentine themed charms only available through the end of February.

Another I have recently started is which had me hooked with their 3D fiber lashes which is an ALL NATURAL mascara that makes it seem as if you have false lashes on but is simply applied like mascara with simple extra steps. We also have all natural pigments for eyes and cheeks and much more!

This is my first attempt at the 3D fiber lashes before and after photo.
I love that my customers can simply order online and I can assist them in any way possible. There's no inventory kept or needed.  I also do a donation for people recovering from chemotherapy and take nominations also.

S, S: How long have you been working from home?
Chelle: I have been a WAHM for over 4 years. Started with keeping friends kids bc I had no reliable vehicle and paying for daycare out of my pay was not worth being away from my boys and to also help my friends not be in the same boat with the cost of daycare. Then later invested in myself and my family with Origami Owl and then younique and I am sure there will be more.
I love any thing all natural and holistic. But we can save that talk for another day :)
I have loved being a WAHM because I have 3 boys ages 13,12&6 and with my oldest I worked more than one job most of their lives and barely saw them except to feed em and put em to bed. But since I have been a WAHM I have had much more quality time with my boys and family and even friends that I barely saw in between my work schedules and theirs prior to being a WAHM.

S,S: Tell us about your kids!
Chelle: In this quality time my boys have blossomed and found their niches . My oldest, we found out is a musical prodigy type. He can basically play any instrument you had him in a short period of time. He started in middle school with the saxophone and now even though he is only IN middle school marches with the high school marching band (they invited him because of his talent!). His middle school band teacher brags about him any chance she gets :) & then he got a beginner electric guitar for Christmas a couple years ago and learned a few basics via YouTube videos and can now play guitar! & he wants to learn more like keyboard/piano and drums. My 12 year old is my little builder. Give him ANY supplies and he will build! Paper, plastic, or wood etc. He boasts he wants to be an architect and mama is very okay with that goal :) My six year old adores both of his big brothers and wants to follow in both of their footsteps along with also his dream of being a police officer because to him that's pretty close to being a superhero :)

Why Fat Girls Don't Deserve To Be Loved... wait, WHAT!? (RANT!)

For lack of a better word, I'm pretty ticked right now.
Reckless, careless, idiotic disrespect.
According to this dumb dude, Matt Forney, I'm a myth. I don't exist.
I cannot be a fat woman and also be intelligent, a good mother, modest in relationships and sane.
I'm an "eat the cookie" kinda girl. Eat the cookie, not the bag of cookies. I seek education, thirst for knowledge. Yep, I suffer from anxiety but not because I'm fat. I'm perfectly sane. I'm a darn good mama. 
I almost don't want to link the blog post because the fool doesn't deserve the extra traffic to his site but I need to link it so you know what I'm referring to and what has me madder than fire!
Click here to be disgusted.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top 10 Tuesday - Ten Things Not To Say To A Depressed Friend

You want to help. You just don't really know how. So you decide to throw some words out there and think it's going to make magic. Most likely, it's not.
I've been battling anxiety and panic for years with little spurts of depression popping in here and there, though it has been less often than the anxiety part of it. When I was down under that cloud I really couldn't hear what anyone was saying clearly, to be honest. I heard a totally different translation of what people said that was usually formed by my own mind. So, really, regardless of people's good intentions, sometimes it made things worse.

Here's a list of ten things you shouldn't say to a depressed friend or loved one. 
(In my humble opinion, anyways.)

  1. You need to get out of the house and do something. While that can be momentarily helpful, a person who is severely depressed knows that once they return home the cloud is still there. It might even follow them while they are out making even the most exciting adventures seem pointless and uninteresting.
  2. Count your blessings! You have so much to be happy about. Sure. We all do, even in the worst of circumstances. Often, the fog is just too deep to see that through, however.
  3. Find a hobby or something you enjoy. Maybe it worked for you. It's worked for me in the past. It's not going to work for everyone, though. I can almost promise that offering this 'advice' to someone isn't going to encourage them to pick up a paintbrush and splash their way to sunny just because you tell them it will help.
  4. You don't need to take those pills. I don't like the numbers I see about how many people are taking anti-depressants or benzodiazepenes on a daily basis for long periods of time, myself. I think they are over prescribed, wrongly used and often abused. I do think there are people who need them for a time to stabilize chemical imbalances or just make it through until they are able to carefully and under proper medical observation wean off. We all have our opinions on that issue but forcing them on someone already in the midst of despair is capable of being dangerous to their health.
  5. You need to try taking _____ pills. Same concept as above. If you are well educated in pharmaceuticals or medicine, just let them know if they have questions about their medicines they can ask but please do not try to play the role of someone's doctor unless you are their doctor. If you think they should look into something, just casually mention that you've heard good things about it.
  6. There are so many people that have it worse than you. Is that supposed to be comforting? It just makes me feel worse!
  7. You just need to come hang out with me/go out with me/let me cheer you up. Your depressed loved one needs to know that you are there. They need to know you want them in your life and will not be giving up on them. Push through to them! Love on them. Please, please, please do not pressure them to do things they don't feel like doing or make them feel guilty for not wanting to hang out, though.
  8. You can't be sad all the time. Yes, you can. It's not a fun way to live but it happens. Maybe you've never experienced it but your friend is experiencing it and it's very constant probably.
  9. You're such a party pooper, just snap out of it! Are you serious?! Yes. Serious. It's been said to me before, it's been said around me to someone else before. Not in a joking manner. Purely out of disregard. And it's SO NOT COOL, YO. Just don't even go there. If you are actually saying this to your friend that is severely depressed or in an anxious or panicked state, chances are, you aren't really their friend. 
  10. It's all in your head. No, really? I thought it was in my foot.

So, there. You might disagree with me. *shrugs* 
If, however, this was helpful to you, I've done my job and I'd like to know so let me know in the comments what your experience with depression has been and if anyone has ever said these things to you or if you've been guilty of saying them. I can be totally real right now and admit that I've said some of these things both before knowing better and even after knowing better because, well, cliches happen.

Update: I've now posted a "part two" to this post, suggesting ten ways to help a depressed friend.

Disclaimer - I'm NOT a medical professional, I'm just a girl who has been there. ;)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Five Blogs I'm Following (And Why You Should, Too!)

I'm new to what I would call the new "blogging world". The last time I ran a blog was in the olden days of yore, when Xanga and Livejournal were what was up. I'm still perusing around the interwebz checking out the sharings of other bloggers and have found some gems I'd like to share with my readers.

  1. Ignite Your Faith - More than just a blog, this section of ChristianityToday's website includes advice columns, articles about hot topics, true life topics (all written in a blog-format) and many ways to connect up with them. I could spend hours on this site so I have to restrain myself at times!
  2. Christian Bookshelf Reviews - Mostly Christian fiction book reviews. The author writes in a very engaging and informative manner and generally keeps it just the way I like it, short and sweet. Melanie also does weekly giveaway link-ups, so if you are an avid reader, this is definitely worth checking out.
  3. Authentically Emmie - I love, love, love this writer's style! She's definitely an inspiration to me. A fellow plus size princess, much of her writing is on fashion and fitness. Emmie was recently featured in both Ladies Home Journal and all You magazines. 
  4. Christian Mommy Blogger -  Title says it all. Christian? Check it out. Christian Mommy? Totally check it out. Christian Mommy Blogger? WHY HAVEN'T YOU CLICKED YET?! Full of blogging help, tips, tricks and ideas. Link-up opportunities as well. Love this!
  5. God's Girl, Books and Coffee - Book reviews and reading challenges posted by a Christian gal. A smaller and newer blog than the other four I listed but she's had some wonderful posts so far (in my humble opinion ;) ) and I have enjoyed what I've seen.
I follow these blogs via Bloglovin and have the Google Chrome app that lets me know when there are new posts. If you use Bloglovin let me know so we can follow each other and check out each other's favorite blogs!

Disclaimer: I didn't get compensation for linking or advertising these blogs or websites, I just really enjoy them and wanted to share! :)  The opinions expressed on these sites may or may not reflect my own and blah blah blah yada yada yada. 

Also, I've linked this post here.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Truth for Today - A Sinful Woman Forgiven

This is a passage I could go on and on about but my goal is to share this with you 'squarely' and sweetly.
I will include some links that will help you to dive a little deeper into this if you feel lead to.

The powerful freedom I get from the message of forgiveness in this story just swells my heart with love. It's such a beautiful and humbling reminder of who we are in Him. The story begins at Luke 7:36 and continues to 7:50. It's short and sweet but so much is said in so few words.
I have heard it said from many mouths, "I need to get myself right and go back to church." or "I don't feel like I'm in 'the right place' in my life to run to God." and it makes me want to cry when I hear that. I had that thinking before. Before I knew grace, mercy and forgiveness. If you don't turn to Him in all things, honey, I hate to break it to you but you're never gonna be in that 'right place' you speak of.
Just as we encounter people who want to discourage us, 'hypocrites' that run the Christian name into the ground and obstacles in our path to worship Him, this woman faced all of these as she ran to Christ's feet.
She did it anyways. She was desperate to worship Him. How perfect of an example as to how we should seek Him!
The Lord acknowledged that she was indeed a woman of many sins. A woman of many sins FORGIVEN. The gratitude in a heart that has been forgiven much is strong. I know because I am a woman of many sins, a woman of many sins FORGIVEN and the gratitude that fills my heart when I think of His love for me despite the things He KNEW I was going to do, have done and might do in the future is just incomprehensibly, overwhelmingly amazing.
Love. <3

So, if you want to dig a little deeper into this particular passage, I want to share this article I read on that I enjoyed. Also, here is a link to the entire passage on bible gateway, including a drop down menu so you can switch to different translations as you need/wish.

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you. This is really a lesson that is important... in my humble opinion. ;)

(I shared this post here, on Christian Mommy Blogger.)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Inspiring Individuals - Jefferson Bethke

Awhile back I spotted this video on youtube that looked pretty interesting so I clicked on it, of course, figuring it'd just be another wasted five minutes. Nope. It was this video right here... Blown away. I've watched a few more of his videos. He's got some pretty cool things to say. I want to read his book soon and will definitely be reviewing it for one of my "Bookie Boogie" posts once I do. Here's a link to his website right here. He's married now and his wife does videos with him as well. This is an inspirational individual worth checking out, in my humble opinion. ;)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bookie Boogie - Sex and the Soul of a Woman by Paula Rinehart

Life changing. Yep, those two words can pretty much sum up the effect this book had on me. Honestly, I yawned and dragged myself through the first couple of chapters and had to trudge through that way again when I was about 5/8th's through but I've found many "self help" genre books to be that way. Praying that God would show me what to take from it really refocused me, however. I encourage you to do that. There is a ton of insight, wisdom, lessons to be gathered from this book. 

Who would I recommend this to? Women and young women, all the way from late teen to retirement home. No joke. Some might could save themselves a lot of heartache and some may find healing in this. I really think men could get something out of it, too. 
My view on sex has completely flipped since reading this and I challenge you to examine your ideas and check out what this author has brought to the table. 
Here's some linky-doo's so you can check it out for yourself.
I received my copy as a gift from my wishlist on CBD. (
Check it out. I think it will bless you... in my humble opinion. ;)