Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Modern Modesty?

It's COLD today.
However, there have already been a few sunny, warm days letting me know that Spring has began to show it's face.
That brings up a big concern for me. I thought about my bag of stowed away summer clothes . Seriously, TONS of summer dresses with daringly low dipping necklines, snug empire waists that serve the purpose of accentuating two of my larger features. I used to be of the thinking that I should "work what I got" but through the growth I've gone through recently I now wish to keep those "top shelf features" covered up.
Obviously, Southern summer heat requires some extra skin to be shown but how far is too far (or how low is too low)? I'm not a knock-out by far but I am street-smart enough to know that my cleavage could cause a stumbling block distraction for my Christian brothers. So what do I do about a summer wardrobe now, with all of these pretty dresses with their distracting necklines?
The off-the-rack choices for us... well, leaves few options for those of us choosing to be a little more careful. I'm losing weight and wanting to accentuate and be proud of my feminine body but I do NOT want to be irresponsible either.
I found a few pinterest boards with fashion ideas (love it! 1 2 3) but with no steady income, it's unlikely I could emulate those fashions with what I have to work with. *frustration sets in momentarily*
I'm totally open to advice in the comments (*hint hint*) and if you've posted a blog about this before and want to share it please let me know. If I can figure this dilemma out there may be a part two to this. ;)

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