Saturday, January 25, 2014

Truth for Today - A Sinful Woman Forgiven

This is a passage I could go on and on about but my goal is to share this with you 'squarely' and sweetly.
I will include some links that will help you to dive a little deeper into this if you feel lead to.

The powerful freedom I get from the message of forgiveness in this story just swells my heart with love. It's such a beautiful and humbling reminder of who we are in Him. The story begins at Luke 7:36 and continues to 7:50. It's short and sweet but so much is said in so few words.
I have heard it said from many mouths, "I need to get myself right and go back to church." or "I don't feel like I'm in 'the right place' in my life to run to God." and it makes me want to cry when I hear that. I had that thinking before. Before I knew grace, mercy and forgiveness. If you don't turn to Him in all things, honey, I hate to break it to you but you're never gonna be in that 'right place' you speak of.
Just as we encounter people who want to discourage us, 'hypocrites' that run the Christian name into the ground and obstacles in our path to worship Him, this woman faced all of these as she ran to Christ's feet.
She did it anyways. She was desperate to worship Him. How perfect of an example as to how we should seek Him!
The Lord acknowledged that she was indeed a woman of many sins. A woman of many sins FORGIVEN. The gratitude in a heart that has been forgiven much is strong. I know because I am a woman of many sins, a woman of many sins FORGIVEN and the gratitude that fills my heart when I think of His love for me despite the things He KNEW I was going to do, have done and might do in the future is just incomprehensibly, overwhelmingly amazing.
Love. <3

So, if you want to dig a little deeper into this particular passage, I want to share this article I read on that I enjoyed. Also, here is a link to the entire passage on bible gateway, including a drop down menu so you can switch to different translations as you need/wish.

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you. This is really a lesson that is important... in my humble opinion. ;)

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