Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WAHM Wednesday - Interview with Chelle Wilson

Today I'm interviewing my best friend Chelle about being a work at home mom. In addition to a couple direct sales ventures, she cares for three other children during the school week and is a full time mom to three of her own.

Squarely, Sarah: Chelle, tell us what your favorite thing is about being a WAHM.
Chelle: My favorite thing about working at home is being able to be flexible for my family and my customers. I have no set schedule that complicates things and I can say yes or no at my convenience.   I can spend the time I want with my family while also being able to go to my customers when they need me :) Another great part is if bad weather arrives I can still run my business while being with my family :) (we are currently snowed in, but I have also had sales from friends and customers snowed in).

S, S: Tell us about your business ventures.
Chelle:  I have a few at home businesses that I am involved in and most aren't to necessarily make money but to share things I love with my friends and family and their families and friends. And to receive discounts on those things I would buy anyway. One is a jewelry business. Not just any jewelry though. Living lockets. Origami Owl. They are see through lockets that you can personalize for yourself or anyone. You can also have themed lockets, dreams wishes or goals lockets.  They make great gifts for anyone or something special for yourself. You can be simple or as fancy as you want.  My website will step you through the process of creating a locket by picking out charms, a locket (many different sizes shapes and colors),and a chain (available in many different colors and lengths).  We also have window plates, plates, dangles and tags. There is just too much variety to even explain or imagine so check me out at
We also have seasonal items that are limited, like our new heart chain, heart locket, & heart plate along with Valentine themed charms only available through the end of February.

Another I have recently started is which had me hooked with their 3D fiber lashes which is an ALL NATURAL mascara that makes it seem as if you have false lashes on but is simply applied like mascara with simple extra steps. We also have all natural pigments for eyes and cheeks and much more!

This is my first attempt at the 3D fiber lashes before and after photo.
I love that my customers can simply order online and I can assist them in any way possible. There's no inventory kept or needed.  I also do a donation for people recovering from chemotherapy and take nominations also.

S, S: How long have you been working from home?
Chelle: I have been a WAHM for over 4 years. Started with keeping friends kids bc I had no reliable vehicle and paying for daycare out of my pay was not worth being away from my boys and to also help my friends not be in the same boat with the cost of daycare. Then later invested in myself and my family with Origami Owl and then younique and I am sure there will be more.
I love any thing all natural and holistic. But we can save that talk for another day :)
I have loved being a WAHM because I have 3 boys ages 13,12&6 and with my oldest I worked more than one job most of their lives and barely saw them except to feed em and put em to bed. But since I have been a WAHM I have had much more quality time with my boys and family and even friends that I barely saw in between my work schedules and theirs prior to being a WAHM.

S,S: Tell us about your kids!
Chelle: In this quality time my boys have blossomed and found their niches . My oldest, we found out is a musical prodigy type. He can basically play any instrument you had him in a short period of time. He started in middle school with the saxophone and now even though he is only IN middle school marches with the high school marching band (they invited him because of his talent!). His middle school band teacher brags about him any chance she gets :) & then he got a beginner electric guitar for Christmas a couple years ago and learned a few basics via YouTube videos and can now play guitar! & he wants to learn more like keyboard/piano and drums. My 12 year old is my little builder. Give him ANY supplies and he will build! Paper, plastic, or wood etc. He boasts he wants to be an architect and mama is very okay with that goal :) My six year old adores both of his big brothers and wants to follow in both of their footsteps along with also his dream of being a police officer because to him that's pretty close to being a superhero :)

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