Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Won Something!

I don't win things. I just don't. I've never been the "lucky name drawn" or the one who gets the door prizes. That's why I never play lottery! ;)
I entered a giveaway recently on the beautiful Rebecca's blog- The Plus Side of Me - and I won! I actually won! Prize? A beautiful (and expensive!) blouse of my choice from the Foxcroft Collection.
I've never ordered from them before (not in a single-mom-with-no-income-budget) so I was unsure what size to choose. Apparently, I could have gone ahead with a 20. I ordered 22 concerned about it being fitted and button-up but... well, you'll see.
The shirt is ridiculously comfortable and soft. I'd sleep in it if it wasn't an $80 dollar shirt. (I'm just sayin' this might be the most expensive piece of fabric I've ever worn besides my wedding dresses so if you see me out in this don't you dare come spill anything near me!!!)
I'm short, so the 3/4 sleeves pass as long sleeves on me but I dig it.
Thank you so much Rebecca for having the giveaway! <3

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