Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inspiring Individuals - Mike Ratliff

Y'all just know my eyes are crying but my heart is smiling as I type this post.
This dude right here, Mike Ratliff, he's got a calling on his life.
God's gonna use him for a really cool purpose, I can just feel it.

Let me tell y'all how I met Mike. He's Michael to me. I called him "the real Slim Shady" when we were kids but that's not who he is. He was part of a group of guys I started running with as a teenager when I was taking my own "turn in the wrong direction". I always knew he was different from some of the other "guys runnin' the street" and saw his heart. Now, he sees it and is sharing it with the world.

He's been there. He's come through drugs, alcohol, prison... where you think nobody understands or could reach... he's been there. He's faced those adversities and is overcoming them. He's got a message. It's already starting to touch lives. His messages are able to relate to and touch the people who refuse to listen to ministers, who refuse to walk into churches.

Here is his most recent (and most personal) video. I know this one was hard for him but it's the most real thing I've seen in a while.

You can see his other videos on his youtube channel, BleedOutT.v.
\SNAKES IN THE GRASS and Frog Named Fred are my other favorites.
You can also follow his facebook page for Bleed Out T.V.


  1. Such a heart-warming story. I'm so glad that he has accepted Christ and has decided to share his story on YouTube. Awesome share on Countdown in Style! Don't forget to stop by Friday to see if you are featured! xo

    1. Absolutely! I'm a new follower on your blog and I love it!

  2. A true testimony. It's wonderful to see triumph. Thank you for sharing with Countdown in Style. Please stop by on Friday to see if you've been featured.