Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I'll start this off by admitting that I should have done a Transparent Tuesday post yesterday. For a good chunk of the day I was one cranky girl. I am happy to report, however, that it didn't last long. I didn't throw anything, turn into the Tasmanian Devil cartoon or make any permanent decisions while in that crabby state. (That's a HUGE difference from how I reacted to things only a year ago.)
Even though life threw a few lemons at me and tried to burst my bubble I was floating high in (see this post) I pulled out of it and had a wonderful evening last night and I am in a great mood today.
I received my first two books to review from publishers yesterday! If you are a blogger, you know what I'm talking about when I say that made me feel just a touch more "official". If you aren't a blogger or a social media influencer, please let me explain. I'm now signed up to receive books from certain publishers in exchange for an honest review on my blog and, in some cases, on other websites like Amazon or Goodreads. They ask you to be honest, not to just gush about loving the book only because you got it for free so that works quite well with my mission statement for this blog. Delivering my humble opinion to you, squarely. Fortunately for all involved, I am able to choose from a few selections of titles available for review so it is unlikely that I'll be sent something that is just absolutely unappealing to me. You can absolutely expect honest and non biased reviews on this blog, so I want you, as my reader, to be able to trust me to be authentic.
I started reading one of them last night and I'm having trouble putting it down for long. I took a break from the other books I am reading to try to get at least one of these review books finished quickly. I'm a bit of a speed reader so I'm pretty sure I'll be done with this one and reviewing it very, very soon. (As in, before tomorrow is out.) What I didn't know when I selected this title is how much it would speak to me in only the first few chapters and how relevant it would be to my life with anxiety and crippling fear. It just goes right along with every thing I am going through right now. I just really love it when things "connect up" like that.
I have a lot of things happening in my life right now that just seem to be like little puzzle pieces connecting. I have been for so long searching for pieces to fill my heart and to bring me contentment- but now that I have God all over that, He's put quite an amazing "puzzle mat" down to hold together all of the new pieces that are coming together.
Making Him the foundation of my happiness is the best thing I've ever done. :)

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