Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where've I Been? Wednesday. Hahaha.

Took a couple days off from posting. I don't EVER want to post random filler if I don't have something important I want to share or say. Just putting that out there. It wastes both my time and yours. Not saying that I haven't really had anything going on or nothing to say, just want to remind my readers that I'm not going to let this blog become a boring routine because that goes against my mission statement.
Today I'm just going to go over some personal-ish stuff in hopes that it will touch or bring some understanding to at least one person who reads it.

Remember that first date I went on a week and a half ago? Yeah...
<3 Fell in love fast. It's okay, though. We've both done this relationship thing according to the rules, the societal norms before and didn't get it right. We're on God's timing now. It's unbelievably amazing and feels so right. We laugh about how crazy it must look from the outside but with God's design for our lives leading us, we are fine with jumping on in and not wasting each other's time. In exactly two weeks this afternoon, we've spent nearly 21 hours talking on the phone (this does not include the 550+ texts and insane amount of facebook messaging done in the first few days), and more than 40 hours spending time together and getting to know each other. TELL ME, how many couples spend their first few weeks that involved in getting to know the other? We've covered every topic from favorite music/movies to having more children. From favorite foods to what we desire from a spouse. From bad habits/hangups to what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing. It's mind blowing.

The best thing about it is that we have discovered quickly by laying everything on the line like that- we are definitely compatible. Beyond compatible to that "magic-aha-moment" thing you don't even see in movies anymore. Even crazier is that for a little while, we were right under each other's noses and never saw each other or met. Ya know why? It wasn't time. We weren't ready for each other until now. What a mighty God we serve that weaves these pieces of our lives together just right! We were going through seasons in our lives that were preparing us to really appreciate each other. We had to get our focus on Him and really want His will not ours. I could go on and on cuz, ya know, I'm just so happy right now, no scratch happy- I feel so much JOY right now!

In other news... I had a bad enough panic attack at church Sunday that I had to run out again. Immediately I began to beat myself up about it as usual. "They all think I'm a flake.", "I'm never going to be able to get and stay involved.", "Everyone is going to doubt my faith." and I just had to stop myself. It was a MOMENT. I took a baby step back. All I have to do now is try again. As long as I just keep stepping out in faith and trying, I'm doing the right thing.

I hope everyone is having as amazing of a week as I am! :)

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