Friday, February 7, 2014

Five MORE Blogs I'm Following... And Why You Should, Too!

In an earlier post I linked to five blogs I'm following and enjoy reading and told you why I thought you should check them out as well. This would be part two to that post. ;)
You can see the first post here.

  1. My Weight Loss Bucket List - I just found Jen's blog a few days ago and I love her honesty and positive attitude! If you are struggling with weight problems or trying to lose weight also, she's definitely got a simple, straightforward and honest way of writing you can relate to.
  2. Daily Musings - Another one I just found in the last couple days. Carrie's post today (3 Questions to Move Us Out of the Drive-Thru Church) hit me good and hard in my heart. Really needed that. Have browsed through a few posts and this is definitely great reading for any Christian woman!
  3. Hope in the Healing - Still, yet another I just found. So much inspiration, I couldn't EVEN begin to describe so just, seriously, go look. 
  4. The Plus Side of Me - Rebecca kinda rocks. Not just because I won a giveaway on her blog the other day, either (even though I'm totally stoked about that and will probably be sharing a pic tomorrow of my new prized possession, ya know, when I feel like putting some makeup on!). Plus size gal? Yep, you'll probably love her posts. She's beautiful and rocks plus size fashion!
  5. Embracing Him - Yep, another I just discovered! Actually spotted Andrea on twitter first when I (oops!) missed what was going to be my first twitter chat experience with Christian Mommy Blogger and decided to check out the tweets I'd missed. Embracing Him is an AWESOME blog and resource for Christian women and moms. 

Thanks for taking the time to check these super ladies' blogs out. ;)  I really enjoy their work and I hope you do, too!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the shout-out Sarah! I really enjoy reading your blog as well!

    1. Not a prob. I've found most of the blogs I read and enjoy through other bloggers sharing blogs they enjoy or through link-ups, so I want to share those as well. Glad you enjoy my blog as well. :)